TBC Classic Best DPS Classes 

 What is the most effective DPS category that you can find in TBC Classic? On this TBC Classic DPS tier list we'll take a look at the top DPS classes, as well as individual specs for every single class. We aren't going to cover every single spec because many of the specs do not see in a PvE environment this much and are more of a PVP-specific specifications. There's always room for improvement with these tiers that are based on personal opinions of each player and the ability of every player.


 TBC Classic DPS Tier List Best DPS Classes and Specs in WOW Classic TBC


 Thanks to MetaGoblin We have the top Classic TBC DPS Specific rankings and will go over the strengths and potential shortcomings of every DPS specification. To boost your DPS on any class of TBC Classic, the first thing you must do is increase your speed. One of the main differences between average players and players that always appear to be the top of the damage counters isn't that one individual is better at their rotation better than the other. It's the fact that the most skilled players move and position their character in a way that maximizes their up time and how often they're competent to execute their rotation. Even just a few seconds of not being a threat to your boss can be the difference between the hundreds DPS.


 The S Tier TBC Classic DPS Rankings




 Warlock has a highly place in the tier s. It's the most powerful DPS class in single-target boss battles and AOE situations across the entire course of TBC and, in my opinion, the top DPS class in WOW TBC. The majority of players will be playing warlocks and a lot of people will be stacking them in raids as they're ridiculously powerful and we don't require that much equipment to become incredibly powerful. All they need is to arrive at least within the cap on spell hits, throw them in a group with an elemental shaman . They are absolutely pumped.




 The hunter is clearly the best DPS game that is available in WOW Classic. It's truly the supreme god when it comes to DPS on TBC.


 A Tier On TBC WOW DPS Tier List


 Fire Mage


 Fire mage can be found in a great position in the tier of all of TBC. The majority of players make five-specs when they've got a decent amount of crit gear in order that they can trigger the procs to ignite off often and deal a great damage. However, until then the mages will play in arcane and frospec during the time that TBC is just launching. A lot of people are going to be launching into TBC using gears of tier 3 and will be able to take advantage of a high hit chance and crit chance. So we probably won't be seeing frost and arcane extensively. Arcane can be extremely powerful at a class again in tier 5 when you get a particular set bonus that enhances the damage from arcane blast. Overall mage is in the 5th tier of this WOW Classic TBC DPS class tier list.




 The warrior is moved around the tiers depending on what phase of the game you are playing, the patch you're playing, and the type of content you're clearing. Because when worries start to get better and better gear They begin to deal up the damage. At the start of the expansion phase you can be sure they'll be in tier c and it is simply a matter of scale that's the reason. In the hands of a good player, warriors increase in the meters, even in tier 4. In the fifth tier, they begin increasing their levels to tier b. As you begin to fight with mine hydro's black temple, that's when they pump up even higher until they reach tier a. They simply pump up each tier when every new patch comes out and obviously it's especially true when a soldier is lucky enough to be able to grab the gloves of war.




 Rogue is combat spec. They begin in tier c, but as the expansion goes on and on, they just bump up the tiers until they're eventually in a snug spot in tier a by the time that tier 6 starts to rise. There are a few specs you can use as an rogue in a PvE scenario, they're more suited to play in PVP. It's not necessary to discuss these specs much since they're just a step over the combat spec. You can play mutilate spec , and there's a subtlety spec you can also play which is a good method to explain it. They're merely a tear behind the combat specification.


 Elemental Shaman


 Elemental shaman is in a comfortable place in tier. In fact, you could even argue that they're more level s, if you're in four tiers and a slightly tier 5. The reason for this is that the unfortunate thing about fundamental shaman is that they do not scale very well. However, they can do a lot of damage. Thus, in the first class, it'd probably be high-end DPS class in TBC, to be honest. Especially when you consider the support that they provide. But they come down one notch in the last phases of the expansion.


 Feral Druid


 Feral druid is in a ideal spot in tier. There's a reason why feral druids just do ridiculous harm on TBC and we also provide immense map support for the raid, meaning they're an extremely powerful class to bring. They can very quickly and easily switch between tanking and DPS of an extremely useful to a raid. If we're talking about the pure TBC Classic DPS tiers They are actually an tier class.


 B Tier On Classic DPS Rankings


 Affliction Specific


 Affliction is more of a class for support that is primarily a tank support class, and is extremely effective in raids. But they're not exactly the best when it comes to DPS especially when compared to an elven or destruction warlock. If they're in the hands of the right person, an affliction may increase and even sneak up at the top of the list. But you need to be a bit skilled and know exactly what you're doing in order to move up to tier.


 Retribution Paladin


 Ret paladin has a very cozy spot in the tier b. They only become an absolute god character when they play Wrath of the Lich King. It's not like the Affliction spec was a robust support class. The primary function of an retribution paladin in the highest meter, but to support the raid with everything you can bring to an encounter. Your status is more than justified , even though you're performing a little less DPS than the other DPS.


 Survival Hunter


 A survival hunter can be described as a supporting class and is in tier b with all supporting DPS. If handled properly, however. hands, the survival hunter can really do some significant damage. Like the marksman It's only a few tiers below. There aren't many marksman hunters as often. It's all about beast mastery hunters as well as the rare survival hunter.


 Shadow Priest


 Shadow priest is a great spot in tier b however, it's not the most powerful DPS of the WOW Classic Burning Crusade. They provide tremendous support for the entire raid and are actually in very high demand, despite being more of a tab class when it comes to DPS. Every raid requires at least two shadow priests simply because they're such a valuable resource for all the other DPS and the healers and some tanks little more. Shadow priest will out DPS warriors and rogues between levels 4 and 5, but towards the end of tier 5 and tier 6 after which rogues and warriors are able to take on. That's why they're a higher level, and the reason the reason we must put shadow priests in an lower level. We are purely talking about DPS and not support staff.


 Enhancement Spec

 For the enhancement spec it's exactly the same as the other support classes. They aren't the most efficient DPS anywhere in the world, that's the reason they're in tier b.


 Balance Druid

 The balance druid tends to fall into tier b, but it can cross over into tier a when you are the right player , and when you have the really really good gear.


 C Tier On Classic WOW Great DPS

 There are a lot of niche specs out there like demonology and warlocks, smite priests, warlocks marksman hunter meteorite rogue. But they're likely to all fall into tier c on this TBC Classic DPS rankings. However, if they're in the hands of the right player , who will know? They may end up being far more of a top class.