I believe you're designed to spot the jpg file into a folder known as image. Sorry about that! I created a picturecontent folder within the primary zip file. Now I have a folder inside that folder called photo. Inside the picture folder I created a folder called photo. Now once I go to import the jpg file, I drag it from the picture folder to the contenttextures folder. To add a custom texture, all you have doing is create a folder within your primary zip file, and name the file "contenttextures" - this is what it looks like in the zip file.

To include a custom image, all you've got to do is include a folder known as "picturecontent" within the zip file - this is exactly what it appears like in the zip file. If you're unsure of how to get customized content to do business with your mod, you'll contact me, and I will give you all the info you need! So, i've a folder inside the contenttextures folder called picturecontent. I've a picture file called "DancingwithSimsLenaSims4.jpg" and when We attempt to stick it in there, I have the message: "information perhaps not discovered.

The file was renamed to %contenttextures/picturecontent/DancingwithSimsLenaSims4.jpg" So, i'll stop with this subject for the present time. There is a large number of concerns and responses in. Hopefully, it?s all helpful and you also benefit from the following The Sims 4 mailbag: exactly what factors will impact what objects is included and excluded through the revision? When I drag the image file toward picturecontent folder, it doesn't can be found in the mod, and I also get one message.

We tried deleting the picturecontent folder inside the main zip file and just dragging the image file straight into the contenttextures folder - that did not work either. I am trying to get this mod as simple as possible for individuals to put in, and so I'd want to keep carefully the picture from the main zip file, and simply contain it packed to the contenttextures folder. Is there yet another folder that i will be placing it in? It's kind of perplexing, but i am uncertain what is taking place.

I'm guessing that I don't have the folder in right place, or it's being deleted by my computer before I am done adding content. My thought exactly. People don't like the concept of spending money on on line video gaming but nevertheless enjoy whatever they can play, especially with all the lifetime guarantee, so they'll only have to live with all the problem. The Sims 4 has plenty of content, you cannot create your very own home, sims, or animals.

This will be a summary of the most effective Sims 4 custom content. For those who have your list, tell us into the remarks. I just got an email from someone else with this same problem, site also it appears that maybe they've the folder in wrong spot. I can not try it myself until tomorrow, because i will a marriage tonight. My buddy has an iPhone, and I also have an Android. I tried it on both and got equivalent outcomes. Will my mod need my Sims 4 version? No.